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[this is good] We share a lot in common. I'd like to live in Japan, not necessarily live in it. I'd like to improve my yoga practice, own a house with a big kitchen and huge garden, play the keyboard ( I do a little of that), open my own cafe (not restaurant) and own a SLR!

Now all I can do is wish you and me best of luck! :P


Cool! That's quite a lot in common! haha... Yes, I originally want to own a cafe too. but recently very interesting in italian food so we'll see... :) 

Yes, good luck for both of us! cheers!!!


I wonder how come getting married and have kids are not in the list :)


Nald, that's good point. I will think about it and will revise my list if necessary!


[this is good] You can also try 43things.com :) it will reminds you regarding your to-dos!

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