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Waaaah! Story well written! Love it, wish someday i will have the chance to take a one-month trip to Japan! ;)


Thanks bro, you should come. lots of eye opener experiences :) you'll love it!


Neat! I'd love to visit Japan someday - even stay for a while. 


[this is good] Ever since it's my dream to visit Japan ;) Nice one!

†Princess Elena†

[this is good] wow, awesome! i hope to visit there too! :)


When I was in Japan, I was much too shy to go to the onsen.  I regret not experiencing it. :(


@Audiodef: highly recommended to stay for a while instead of short visit

@LoveOnline, (° °) ☆ MITCHY, Thanks. Looking forward to hear your story after the visit. I know you will love it there

@ハレンチ: It took me a while to have courage to try onsen, so it's normal. Next time, give it a go! If you are comfortable with dipping in pretty hot water (40 degree+), you will love the experience. I know some people can't take onsen because it's too hot and making them hard to breath. Yeah, so it's really depend :)


I think I will. :)  It has been about 6 years since I went to Japan.  I think I'm a bit more comfortable with myself. 

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