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†Princess Elena†

[this is good] shirakami resort looks like guam island from here, have you been there? so you mentioned there's an underwater train from hachinohe to hakodate? kind to elaborate on that? or maybe any japanese websites you can link to? SANKYU XD


Hi (° °) ☆ MITCHY,

I heard a lot about Guam, no I have not been there! Have you been there?

The Doraemon train that I mentioned has stop for couple of years :( but the main train that runs from Hachinohe to Hakodate still running and very popular on weekend http://jr.hakodate.jp/ and you can see the locals carrying lots of shopping bag from Hakodate market! Would love to try this underwater train soon! Hope you will too :)

39! :D

†Princess Elena†

haha i have not been to Guam! but i would sure love to go there, awesome place to sun-tan!! XD

thanks for the webbie link, sure i would check it out...i do know Hakodate market is known for fresh food...yeah i would love to try the underwater train too!!

please dont stop with your japanese culture lessons, i really love reading it :)

Hubert Langdon

[this is good] Bravo, this magnificent phrase is necessary just by the way

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